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Editor's Note



Three Poems
by Raj Sharma

Autumn Tones  
Clogged veins
Choking lungs
tooth decay
frequent  visits
to orthopaedists
for shaky knees,
aching joints.
Shivery, wakeful
late fall nights
while memory plays
strange tricks.
Yet  fires
keep smouldering
under fragile
in the drying sap.
Let these withered
arms hold you
still, my love
and see
twilight stars
in your eyes
as birdsong
rivers thru
the flickering maples
of a dying day.

The Seed
Seed, die not
though barren
is this earth;
the crust
crack and crumble
the iron frost
of wintry nights
carve out a path
into flowing
streams of spring
blossom forth
into shy buds
of maple
the buoyant
of elm and oak.

On Havelock Island (India)
coral shores
silky, sleek
rainbow runners,
blue-gold snappers,
gliding across
shallow reef
as  westerly
down upon
silent beach.
And you
petal by petal
spraying surf.
magic  geography
I slide down
a wet
Beaked parrot-fish
dart by
under  thick-rooted

then all is forgotten:
overhead palms,
shattered silver
of moon
on indigo seas 
just you remain
steering  us
towards stars.

A retired professor and Chair of English Studies at DA University in Indore (India), Raj Sharma has also worked for four years at University of Basra in Iraq and at University of Florida for a semester. His field of research was modern American Drama (O'Neill). Publications include more than 100 articles on Indian culture and tourism in India's leading papers and magazines. Twenty stories and many poems and translations have also appeared in them. A collection of short stories, In My Arms (2000) was published by Writers Workshop, Calcutta. In addition, 40 poems and stories have appeared in such American literary magazines as Grey Sparrow, Folly, South Jersey Underground, The Fine Line, JD Review, Exercise Bowler, SNReview, Sun Oases, Ascent Aspirations. A chapbook of some of my poems was published in March 2013 by Red Ochre Press.

Copyright 2014, © Raj Sharma. This work is protected under the U.S. copyright laws. It may not be reproduced, reprinted, reused, or altered without the expressed written permission of the author.