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Editor's Note



Three Poems

By Rev. Judith Mensch

Love Song
my love, my light
your song whispers softly over my heart
and we are together once more
you are there
dancing in the blood coursing through my body
warming me to your embrace
thus united
the echoes of our empty souls are filled
and we become eternal
my love, my light
promise me you will never leave me, never die
love me forever

The sun stretched long, late arms to reach me
but arms that long and late are weak.
I have missed her kiss, it is true;
in my safety I sacrifice such things.
It seemed better that way, in this dark space,
to wait for something better.
Soon other hands will touch me, open my warmth,
spread me over the ground so I may work.
Only then will I know fulfillment
and know the wait to be worthy.
When the sun comes then, her arms strong and cold
I will meet her with my lips.

A Warm Day in Winter
Sweet respite
wave your breeze
across my soul
thaw the ice-hard
fear contracting
my spirit
convince me
that I should trust
an open heart
that I will not
be wounded again
made sport of
laughed at by
gray and gloom
and treachery
that there is
hope and life
and sunshine
that the state
of my existence
is not the state
of my existence
but rather
a temporary joke.

Rev. Judith Mensch served as a pastor in the United Methodist Church.  She began writing poetry in the last years of her life, as a way of responding to and coping with breast cancer.  She passed away in 2003.

Copyright 2013 © Rev. Judith Mensch. This work is protected under the U.S. copyright laws. It may not be reproduced, reprinted, reused, or altered without the expressed written permission of the author.