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Editor's Note



Three Poems
by Kyle Baudour

Post-Marxism and Post-Coital

Every time you make love you
Cover your body with torn dark pages
            Marx covering our left breast
            Engels covering your right
Kant lies below your waist so
Every time I lay my hands on you
            I am told we are all humans
            I am told we are all rational

This is the most beautiful thing about you
Not the way your hair is perfectly blonde
            Like vapour being born off gold
            Like light bending to reach Venus
But the way you dress your self with
The books I once called sacred in
            The blindness of my youth
            The folly of my intellectual days

Could you ever forgive me for thinking that?

It was fine now that it is the future

He gave me a hug then sold the store

Lew Maybin's Arduous Task

I knew a man named Maybin who called clouds

            Accidents waiting to fall
He would watch his head on overcast days

            Bought a store on Saturday

It was petite but centrally located

            Cozy next to an old bar

I went in once through a solid red door

            Drunk off porter, stout & more

To ask him with tingling inquisition

            Are you still afraid of clouds?
He smiled & looked up to the sky roof

I installed it so I could always
See them when they are around”

            Delivered it onto his floor

& I apologized admitting my
            Perplexity towards the skylights


Kyle Baudour has published a few small chapbooks in his time at San Diego State University where he studied English and was involved in the publication of a number of different small zines through the university and friends. Self-publishing was interrupted when he began living on an educational tour bus for ten months out of the year. He plays a number of different instruments and self releases his music for free via the Internet.

Copyright 2011, Kyle Baudour. © This work is protected under the U.S. copyright laws. It may not be reproduced, reprinted, reused, or altered without the expressed written permission of the author.