SNReview Summer Issue 2004 ISSN: 1527-344X

My Son's Blue Hair by Samantha Hudson
I pull the old Subaru up to the curb of the school.  Mrs. Bettlen is waiting for me with her arm tucked securely around Jamie’s shoulders.  I had put on my best summer dress for this, just to impress her...

Cleopatra and the Great Apes by Kathy Karlson
We were all together just a few months ago at the lake, the four of us, sitting at evening, talking, Dr. Dahlberg's aged children.  When we all sit together, we do not exactly look alike, except for the slight extra bulk of all the Dahlbergs and the really handsome, large heads....

The Girl Who by Amy E. Ochterski
The sixteen year-old who dodged a dog and ended up plunging her father's car in the Detroit River was Justine Tinsley: a sweet faced, pudgy teen who lived on the second floor of her father's bar, Tinsley's Tip Up. A few years before earning her enduring label “the girl who plunged into the Detroit River”...

Maybe Everybody in the Stadium by Vic Perry
There are the embarrassing goats on the warning track. Now in front of me that girl closes her eyes, shaking her head sadly. Me and my friend Jim are up in the cheap seats. I am 15 and he is 14. We are not watching the goats very closely....

Superstar by Aaron Zimmerman
Bartolo Spinelli rode a small yellow school bus to La Guardia Airport and boarded a plane.  Allowed to pre-board before all the other passengers, he was assisted into his seat by a pretty woman whose name tag said "Cheri."...

Dandelions Grow at Dachau, a poem by Gerald Bosacker

My Wife and I, a poem by Phillip Ik Chukwu

Self-Directed Death, a poem by Johanna DeBiase

Evening in the Barn, a poem by Barbara DeCesare

Three Poems by Craig Krichner

Three Poems by Barbara F. Lefchowitz

Three Poems by Jeff Lockwood

Three Poems by Ann E. Michael

Three Poems by Jennifer Ombres

Consciousness and Memory in Fiction by Joseph Conlin
Less than a century ago, Virginia Woolf and James Joyce harnessed the wonders of human consciousness in verbal cascades that seemed to capture humankind's seminal understanding of the essence of character and self. ...

Almost Dying by Charles Ries
I would turn nineteen in a few months and I began to cycle between disinterest, disenchantment, and anger.  I wonder if this isn’t the progression for all adolescent boys as they mature....

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