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Shane Allison

Shane Allison has published poetry in Coal City Review, Chiron Review, Velvet Mafia, Suspect Thoughts, Babel, Redneck
Review, New Delta Review, Red River Review, Literary New York, Frigg Magazine, The Glut,
and others. He received his BA in
English from Florida State University. He studied in New York with David Lehman at New School University. His chapbook, Ceiling of Mirrors, is out from Cynic Press.

Amanda Auchter
Summer 2003

Spring 2005

Amanda Auchter,the editor of Pebble Lake Review and an editorial assistant at Gulf Coast, has won numerous awards and honors including: third prize (nonfiction) in the 2003 Writer's Digest International Writing Competition, first prize (poetry) in the 2004 Howard Moss contest, finalist (poetry) in the 2004 Atlanta Review International Poetry Competition, and is a 2005 recipient of the Bucknellot Younger Poets Seminar Fellowship. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Bellevue Literary Review, Born Magazine, Cimarron Review, DIAGRAM, The Evansville Review, Phoebe, Smartish Pace, SNReview, Tampa Review, and elsewhere. She is completing her
B.A. In Creative Writing-Poetry at the University of Houston.

Matthew James Babcock

Matthew James Babcock: Raised in Jerome, Idaho. Habitually reminds everyone he was born in San Francisco in 1969 in an effort to arrogate literary cachet to himself. Teaches composition, literature, and creative writing at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg. Currently enrolled in PhD program (Literature and Criticism) at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. His novella, Real Rehab, won first place in Rockway Press's annual contest and will appear in 2006. Stories, poems, and essays have appeared or will appear in Aethlon; Dialogue; High Horse; Ibbetson Street; Illuminations; The Pacific Review; Poem; Poetry Motel; Rattle; The Rejection Quarterly;
The South Dakota Review; The Sow's Ear Poetry Review; Spillway; Trestle Creek Review; Weber Studies
; and Wild Violet

Matthew Lee Bain

Matthew Lee Bain's poetry has appeared in The Missing Fez, Penny Dreadful, Haz Mat Review, Children, Churches, and Daddies, Experimental Forest, Nomad’s Choir, Matchbook, The Nocturnal Lyric, Scavenger’s Newsletter, and The Storyteller. His short fiction has been published in Happy, Art:Mag, Outer Darkness, Liquid Ohio, 2001 Killer Frog Contest (1st place in short story category), Dark Moon Rising, and a four-piece series in Black Petals Magazine. He's also a column writer for Circle Magazine.

Carrie Bennett

Carrie Bennett was raised in upstate New York. She writers from a log cabin situated among the mountains of Alaska's Matanuska Valley. Her work has appeared in Wild Violet Magazine and Long Story Short.

Emily Bevan

Emily Bevan grew up in Dallas and earned a BA in English from Texas A&M University in 2000. Since then, she's lived in Houston, Dallas, Denver, and St. Paul, and has worked as a financial analyst, a substitute teacher, and a sales associate. She currently works at Wet Paint (

Jenn Blair

Jenn Blair is from Yakima, WA. She is currently a PhD candidate in Creative Writing and English at the University of Georgia in Athens. Her work has appeared in the Fairfield Review, Descant, Copper Nickel, and Stone Table Review.

CL Bledsoe

CL Bledsoe is an editor for Ghoti Magazine. He has work most recently in Natural Bridge, Diner, The King's English, Adagio Verse Quarterly, Big Toe Review, and Hobart Pulp. He currently attends the MFA program at Hollins University with his fiancee.

Ace Boggess

Summer 2006

Ace Boggess is author of The Beautiful Girl Whose Wish Was Not Fulfilled (a book of poetry; His writing has appeared in Harvard Review, Notre Dame Review, Poetry Each, Atlanta Review, Florida Review, Southeast Review, and SNReview.

Eric Bonholtzer

Eric Bonholtzer is an award-winning author whose work has appeared in numerous publications, and his short story collection, The Skeleton’s Closet, is now available at and (Barnes and Noble).  A recent recipient of first place prizes in both the short story and poetry categories of the College Language Association (CLA) Creative Writing Contest/Margaret Walker Prizes for Creative Writing, Eric is also the 2006 Ted Pugh Poetry Award winner.  He resides in the Los Angeles area.  For more information visit

Gerald Bosacker

Gerald Bosacker, who studied under famed poet John Berryman, was sidetracked in youth by economic need. He became a printer, then a salesperson who migrated into management. Promoted beyond his ambition and capability, he jumped at the chance for early retirement. He lives in Florida. He has published two books of poetry: Wrymes, Finalties and Embers Reader. His poetry has appeared in more than two dozen publications.

Bob Boston

Bob Boston is a poet living and composing on the East Coast. His work has appeared in Silenced Press, The Sundown Lounge, and The Nubian Chronicles. Bob quit high school in 1985, received his GED in 1995, and went on to achieve his Masters. Some people just get off to a bumpy, uncertain start.

Greg Braquet

Greg Braquet hails from New Orleans. His poetry has appeared in The New Laurel Review, THEMA, The Tap Root Review, Lucid Moon, Desire Street, Sour Grapes, Pedestal Magazine, Pierian Springs, Tryst, Side Reality, Muse Apprentice Build, The Delirium Journal, The Junket, and The Little Green Tricycle.

Barry Brennessel

Barry Brennessel currently lives in Seattle. He graduated with degrees in English and French from SUNY Brockport, and earned his MFA from Johns Hopkins University.  His work has appeared in Perspectives, Time Pilot, Nocturnal Lyric, and Midnight Times. His novel 'Our Home on the Hillside' was a finalist in the 2006 Pacific Northwest Writers Association literary contest. He has also received Honorable Mentions for his short story collection and several scripts in the 74th Annual Writers Digest competition, the WriteSafe Art & Writing Contest, and contest #14.

Martin Brick

Martin Brick studied Fine Art at St. Norbert College and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in British Literature at Marquette University. Recent fiction can be read in Thieves Jargon, Somewhat, Half Drunk Muse, Pindeldyboz, The Orphan Leaf Review, and other places.

Harry Brown

Summer 2006

Harry Brown, who has lived for some 25 years on a farm in the Paint Lick area, has taught creative writing and American literature since 1970 at Eastern Kentucky University, where he has also co-directed seminars funded by the Kentucky Humanities Council and the National Endowment for the Humanities, directed the Summer Creative Writing Conference, and served as poetry editor for Scripsit and The Chaffin Journal. His poem "Felt Along the Blood - A Triptych" won Kentucky Poetry Review's Blaine R. Hall Award; Green's Magazine awarded his poem "In Deed and Truth" the Warren Keith Wright Prize; and the Mary Anderson Center for the Arts made Brown
the first recipient of the Mary Anderson Senior Fellowship. His new collection, from Wind Publications and edited by Cope, features poetry from four previous volumes: Paint Lick Idyll and Other Poems, Measuring Man and Other Poems, Ego's Eye and Other Poems, and Everything Is Its Opposite and Other Poems, as well as some selected new works. The book is available in major area bookstores, and through Wind Publications (

Barabara Burkhardt

Barbara A. Burkhardt, an assistant professor of English at the University of Illinois at Springfield, was a close acquaintance of William Maxwell. She received her Ph.D. from Maxwell's alma mater, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she organized his correspondence for the Maxwell archives. During the last ten years of Maxwell's life, she conducted extensive interviews with him on regular visits to his homes in New York City and Westchester County, New York. Since Maxwell liked to answer questions on his clattering Coronamatic, he carefully considered her queries, rolled a sheet of paper into the typewriter and composed.

Susan Bynum

Susan Bynum is a poet and writer living in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is currently attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa as a Master's candidate in English. SNReview is her first publication.

Richard Cahill

Richard Cahill attended the University of Pennsylvania on a National Merit scholarship. Not having any patience for academia, he has since worked as a carpenter, a cabdriver, a booking agent for nightclub acts, a stand-up comic, an emcee for strip and comedy acts, a disc jockey and a nightclub manager, among other things. A novel in the crime genre, Truth Or Bare, is being published in the fall of 2007, by Kunati Books (

Amberlee Carter

Due to her mother's failing health, Amberlee Carter quit school at 13. Three years later her mother passed away and her father became ill. During the first years she spent with her mother, writing became a comfort and poetry an addiction. She's now 22, and her work has appeared in Thunder Sandwich, Unlikely Stories, Scrivener's Pen Literary Journal, Megaera, New Horizon,and The TMP Irregular as well as two anthologies of world poetry.

Edward J. Carvalho

Edward J. Carvalho is a twice-nominated Pushcart Prize poet (2004-2005) who has been writing poetry for 15 years. His poetry and critical writing have been featured in various national journals such as Poesy, Invisible Insurrection, The Heat City Review and Pitkin and Progress among others. He is currently at work on his third full-length collection of poetry – solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short - while an MFA candidate at Goddard College in Plainfield, VT. For more information, please visit

James Chapman

James Chapman grew up in California, lives in New York. He's the author of five previous novels, most recently Daughter! I Forbid Your Recurring Dream! He also runs a small press for experimental and "advanced" fiction, called Fugue State Press (, which has published about a dozen titles to date. This present novel, Stet, should be published sometime along about the summer of 2005. His fiction has appeared such publications as Central Park, Cambridge Book Review,
Appearances, ACM (Another Chicago Magazine), Real Fiction, DDT, Transmog, Global City Review, Northwest Review, No Roses Review, Jacob’s Ladder
, and Journal of Experimental Fiction.

Kelly Christ

Kelly Christ writes, dances, and teaches in the Baltimore area while pursuing her MFA at Creative Nonfiction from Goucher College. Her essays "Chesscapades" and "Blue-Eyed Soul" have appeared online, and she is currently working on a manuscript set in Baltimore at the O'Donnell Square Laundromat from where she ventures to explore the people and places of Charm City.

Phillip Ik Chukwu

Phillip Ik Chukwu was born in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. He developed a keen interest and love for poetry. His poems reflect his views of the happenings around him and in the global community.

Toni Clark

Toni Clark belongs to the Writer's Center of Bethesda, Maryland, and Scriviamo, a regional women's writing group. She has a Ph.D. In educational psychology from the University of Washington.

J.H. Clues

J.H. Clues, a freelance writer for more than 30 years, has published numerous short stories, articles, poems, and essays. His poem “The Individual Lost” is included in the anthology A Study in Crimson. He is working on a novel tentatively entitled The Silver Thaw.

Andrew Coburn

Andrew Coburn is the author of 12 novels, three made into French films. His work has been translated into 13 languages.  He lives in Andover, Mass.

Joseph Conlin

Joseph Conlin teaches English and creative writing at the University of Bridgeport, Sacred Heart University, and Western Connecticut State University. His short stories have appeared in the Fairfield Review, Antigonist Review, Hob-Nob, Sulphur River Review, Maryland Review, and others. His non-fiction has appeared in a variety of magazines. A publisher is considering his novel Orlando Tales. He also edits SNReview. He earned his MFA-Creative Writing from Goddard College, Plainfield, VT.

Jack Conway

Jack Conway is the author of nine books, including the humorous novel The Road to Ruin (2003), a volume of poetry Life Sentences (2002), the non-fiction book American Literacy: Fifty Books that Define Our Culture and Ourselves, published by William Morrow. His work has appeared in the The Antioch Review, The Columbia Review, Yankee, The Land-Grant College review, The Peregrine Literary Review, the Paumanok Review, Ralph, Rattle, Slow Trains, and The Norton Anthology of Light Verse.

Jennifer Crivlare

Jennifer Crivlare is a 28-year-old Air Force Veteran currently living in Iowa City, Iowa. She has been writing for the past three years as a way to pass the time since a debilitating form of epilepsy rendered her disabled from a “normal” life. Her essays have been published in the Salt Lake Tribune, American Legion Magazine, and the Cedar Rapids Gazette. She was a featured poet in the Fall/Winter 2003/2004 issue of the Muse Apprentice Guild.

Jeff Crouch

Jeff Crouch is a writer in Grand Prairie, Texas. His writing has appeared in Above Ground Testing, The Blinks, Canopic Jar, The Cerebral Catalyst, Cordite, Chick Flicks,  The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, The Dream People, The Indelible Kitchen Blogazine, Laika Poetry Review, Literary Chaos, Locust Magazine, linguaphobous, Lunatic Chameleon, Media Cake (formerly, Experimental Candy), MG Version 2, morsel(s), My Favorite Bullet, The Persistent Mirage,  PFS Post, the puddle splashers,
The Rose and Thorn
, saucy voxsemantikon, SNReview, Spent Meat, Static Movement, Subterranean Quarterly, te_a_tro, Underground Window, Venue--A Southern
Unlikely Stories,  and Wire Sandwich.

Kenji Crosland

Kenji Crosland is a recent graduate from the University of Washington. He has had several stories published including "Reunion," which is included here in the SNReview. As a major in English and Minor in Japanese, he will be teaching English in Japan. Meanwhile he is working on a novel and short stories.

Donavon Davidson

Donavon Davidson is a poet and photographer who was born and raised in the Midwest.  Donavon holds an MFA from Goddard College, and his poetry has recently been published in Quay. His photography has been recently published in Pitkin Review.  He currently lives in Vermont.  Contact:

Johanna DeBiase

Johanna DeBiase lives in an Athabascan Village on the Yukon “River where she works with native teenagers at a residential school. She also teaches creative writing for the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She writes extensively about her life experiences, cross-country skiing, and hikes through the woods with her dogs. Her first poem was
published last fall in Hysteria: An Anthology of Poetry, Prose, and Visual Art (LunaSea Press 2003), and the upcoming edition of Alaska Women Speak will include two of her stories. She recently received her MFA in writing from Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont.

Barbara DeCesare

Barbara DeCesare has a permit to carry a concealed weapon and a poem forthcoming in the August issue of Poetry. She is a 2003 Pushcart Prize nominee and the Poet Laureate of the 8th largest rock n' roll radio show in the nation (WIYY 97.9, Baltimore). Her poems have been published in The Evansville Review, Gargoyle, River Styx, Alaska Quarterly Review, and many others. Her book of poems jigsaweyesoree (Anti-Man Press 1999) was called “what thunder looks like in writing” by The (Baltimore) Sun. Visit for audio samples.

 Tom Deiker

A graduate of St. Louis and Louisiana State Universities, Tom Deiker is a clinical psychologist who feeds his family and writing habits by superintending a public psychiatric hospital in Cherokee, Iowa, as he has previously done in Louisiana and New Mexico. “Squeal,” in fact, is set on the grounds of a state mental hospital residence patio which Deiker and his wife built from the bricks of a demolished mental ward, where his four kids chased each other and friends of many a Halloween night next to the dark woods. Deiker’s publications include several dozen mental health articles, essays, short stories, poetry, and a baker’s dozen of unpublished screenplays and television pilots.

Mona de Vestel

Mona de Vestel’s work explores the expression of marginalized voices in American society. Mona is of Tutsi (Burundi) and Belgian ancestry; she grew up in Brussels, Belgium. Her completed works include a memoir The Color of Exile and a screenplay Kali’s Ashes. She is currently at work on a novel, Voices, about the effects of genocide in the Tutsi and Lakota cultures. Mona teaches writing and New Media at the SUNY Institute of Technology; she lives in Utica, NY.

Peter De Vriess

Peter deVries is a lecturer in the faculty of education at the University of Technology, Sydney. Zaresky Press ( published his novel The Games, and Macmillan has put out his children’s mystery/adventure.

Iris Jamahl Dunkle

Iris Jamahl Dunkle received her M.F.A. from New York University. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Case Western Reserve University. Her work has appeared in Boxcar Poetry Review, Kaleidowhirl, Cleveland in Prose and Poetry, Thin Air, Fence, Squaw Valley Review, and Washington Square. She's been teaching creative writing in both university and community environments for the past eight years.

Alison Eastley

Alison Eastley lives in Tasmania, Australia with my two teenage sons and on a good weekend, my lover, Larry. Previous work has been published in Poor Mojo, The Absinthe Literary Review, Ausgang, Words On Walls, Mannequin Envy, Double Dare Press, Lily Lit, Wicked Alice, blue fifth review, and many other fine journals.

Theresa Edwards

Theresa Edwards is married, has two sons, and is an adjunct writing instructor and tutor at Marist College. Her poetry has appeared in Pitkin Review, Chronogramconatus, and The Spoken Wheel, one of her short stories published in The Mosaic. She has written musical compositions, including work for mixed media, and has finished a novella, titled The Ride. Theresa holds a B.S. (cum laude) in Music, Mercy College; a Professional Artist Diploma—Music Theory and Composition, Westchester Conservatory of Music; an M.A.
in English, Western Connecticut State University; and will complete an M.F.A. in Creative Writing, Goddard College, next July.  She was coeditor of Pitkin Review's spring 2006 issue.

William Eisner

William Eisner’s first novel, The Sévigné Letters, received excellent reviews and was adapted for the stage and played at the Lobero Theater in Santa Barbara. His short stories have been published in Witness, Circle Magazine, The Armchair Aesthete, Enigma, The Beggar's Press, Palo Alto Review, The Iconoclast, The Potomac Review, Thought Magazine, Words of Wisdom, Reflections, Lynx Eye, The Dan River Anthology, the Dana Literary Society, and Byline, and accepted for publication by Horizons, Pacific Review, The
Kennesaw Review,
and Oasis.

Nelson L. Eshleman

Nelson L. Eshleman graduated valedictorian from Fox Creek School.  He finished law school at McGill University in Montreal.  His stories have appeared or are forthcoming in  the Adirondack Review, Asia Literary Review, Southern Ocean Review and 3:AM Magazine

Lou Faber

Lou Faber is a poet, corporate attorney, and adjunct faculty in English Literature at Monroe Community College.  He has a BA (English), M.B.A. and J.D. and in 2003 completed his M.F.A. in Creative Writing at Goddard College.  His work has appeared in Legal Studies Forum, Rattle, Pearl, Midstream, European Judaism, Worcester Review, South Carolina Review, Living Poets (U.K.), Amethyst Review (Canada) and will appear shortly in Thema.  He lives in Rochester, New York, with his wife, poet Elaine Heveron.

Rita Faulkner
Spring 2005
Summer 2005

Rita Faulkner is a doctoral candidate in Comparative Literature at the University of Illinois in French, Arabic, and English postcolonial literatures. She will defend her dissertation on national allegory, land, and body in the works of the Arab women writers Nawal El Saadawi of Egypt and Assia Djebar of Algeria in May 2005. Her interests, however, include other “non-Western” literatures and religions such as Japanese literature and Buddhism. The first poem, “Beautiful Bauble” was written on a bike ride in the summer of 2004. The following poems came as the result of interactions with animals and humans. In addition to having been published previously in SNReview, she has published “Assia Djebar, Frantz Fanon, Women, Veils, and Land” in World Literature Today and “Ce Sexe qui est deux, ce sexe qui est Dieu” in Dalhousie French Studies.

Patrick Frank

Patrick Frank's work has appeared in a variety of journals, including Alba, Ashe Poetry Journal, Coffee Press Journal, Spokes, Studio1, and Word Riot. He has worked as a counselor and advocate for the poor in New England, the South, and on the Zuni reservation in New Mexico.

Tracey Franks

Tracey Franks spent nearly 20 years as a stock and options trader at a Wall Street firm. Her work has been published in Phoenix Magazine, and her editorials often appear in the East Valley Tribune. She lives in Arizona with her handsome and intelligent young son and his loyal service dog Bear. In her spare time, Franks raises awareness of fragile x syndrome and autism both locally and nationally.

D. E. Fredd
Spring 2007

D. E. Fredd lives in Townsend Harbor, Massachusetts. He teaches English at a small New Hampshire college. He has had poetry appear in The Paris Review, Café Review, and The Paumanok Review. His short fiction has or will soon appear in The Southern Humanities Review, The Transatlantic Review, Rosebud, The Armchair Aesthete, Word Riot, and The 13th Warrior Review. A novel, Exiled to Moab, and a short story collection await publication.

Rebecca Gaffron

Rebecca Gaffron resides in the agrarian valleys and mountains of Central Pennsylvania, where she earned a BA in Comparative Literature. Her story "Athena Rants" was a winning entry in a writing contest and is available via podcast through iTunes.

Evann Garrison

Evann Garrison is a professor of English at Westminster College. She recently completed the MFA-Writing program at Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont. She is also working on a novel.

Nicole Gervace

Nicole Gervace lives in Nederland, Colorado, with her husband and two dogs. Her first collection of poems, entitled Bite Marks Visible, is now available through Binge Press and Productions. Her work has appeared or will appear in such publications as XCP:Streetnotes, Ascent, Fifth Street Review and Shampoo.

Isabelle Ghaneh
Winter 2005
Spring 2005

The poetry of Isabelle Ghaneh, also a freelance writer, has appeared in The Ridgefield Press, The Fairfield Review, Pedestal Magazine, Surface Art Magazine, Pennine Ink and The Copperfield Review. Her non-fiction has been published by Art Times, The Blue Review, The Llewellyn Journal, and

Richard Gilbert

Richard Gilbert lives on a sheep farm near Athens, Ohio, and teaches writing at Ohio University. Born on a cattle ranch in southern California, he grew up on a ranch in Georgia and in a Florida beach town. He graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in journalism and was an award-winning reporter for the Columbus, Georgia, Enquirer, the Orlando Sentinel, and other newspapers. He holds an MFA degree in Creative Nonfiction from Goucher College. Gilbert worked for more than a decade in book publishing at Indiana University Press and Ohio University Press. His essays and articles have appeared in Orion, The Shepherd, and Farming: People, Land, Community. His farm web site is He is currently completing a memoir of farming, Appalachian Zen: A Shepherd's Journey.

Kathleen Glasgow

Kathleen Glasgow received her MFA from the University of Minnesota. Her poetry has appeared in Cimarron Review, Bellingham Review, Clackamas Literary Review, and Roanoke Review.

Mitch Grabois

Mitch Grabois’ fiction has appeared widely in literary and commercial magazines throughout the U.S. and Canada since 1988. His story “These Notes Are Personal” is based on experience at Florida State Hospital, Chattahoochee, Florida. During this millennium, Grabois has completed four novels, Princess of the Knives and Forks, The Brotherhood of the Sacred
, Two-Headed Dog, and Crackle. His agent solicits your prayers for their publication. Grabois and his wife raised two sons, now adults. They celebrated their thirtieth anniversary last year, and live in the ancestral farmhouse in northwestern Michigan.

Iris Green

Originally from the Los Angeles area, Iris Green recently relocated to the Washington DC metro area to enjoy the historically rich and international flavor of the nation’s capital.  A graduate of the California State University system, Green has a BA in English and a MA in Composition.  Her work has previously appeared in Moondance and The Pacific Review. For comments/ questions regarding her work, she can be reached at 

John Grey

Australian born poet, playwright, and musician, John Grey has been a U.S. resident since late 70's. His latest book is  What Else Is There from Main Street Rag. His works have appeared recently in the English Journal, The Pedestal, Pearl, and the Journal of the American Medical Association. Work will appear in Pennsylvania English and the Connecticut Review.

Stephen Gyllenhaal

Raised in rural Pennsylvania, Stephen Gyllenhaal graduated with a BA in English from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. He is an award-winning film/television director  (Paris Trout, Waterland, Twin Peaks season two) and director-screenwriter (Homegrown), whose poetry has been published in literary quarterlies such as Prairie Schooner, Nimrod, and Apalachee Review. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

Frank Haberle

Frank Haberle's stories have appeared in the City Writers Review ( and in a performance by the New York-based Mottola Theater Project. In the early 1980’s Frank studied literature at Gettysburg College and, briefly, with Allan Ginsburg at the Naropa Institute’s Jack Kerouac School for Disembodied Poets in Colorado.

Carrie Hagen

Carrie Hagen holds an MA in English from The College of New Jersey, and she studies Creative Nonfiction in the MFA program at Goucher College. She is currently writing a manuscript about 19th Century Philadelphia. For the past eight years, she has taught high school English outside Philadelphia, a few miles away from the Powder Puff field. This is her first publication.

Jennifer Lynn Hall

Jennifer Lynn Hall's poems has appeared in Confluence, Pebble Lake Review, Silhouette, Mobius, Poems Niederngasse, Pierian Springs, Umbriate, Fiction Falls, Et Cetera and COPIOUS, with work forthcoming in the anthology Wild Sweet Notes II: More Great Poetry from West Virginia. She is a member of the Guyandotte Poets, and recently won the Calamity Cafe 11th-anniversary-party poetry slam.

Nels Hanson
Fiction Winter 2006

Nels Hanson earned a B.A. at the University of California at Santa Cruz and an M.F.A. in fiction writing from the University of Montana, where he studied with William Kittredge and Richard Hugo. He received the San Francisco Foundation’s James D. Phelan Award in Literature for a novel-in-progress, and an honorable mention in its Joseph Henry Jackson competition for a short story collection. Hanson’s fiction has appeared in a number of literary journals, including Antioch Review, Texas Review, Black Warrior Review, Southeast Review, Long Story, South Dakota Review, and Zahir, and in California Heartland, an anthology of San Joaquin Valley writing. He taught briefly at the University of Montana, Fresno State, and Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo) and for a number of years was a farmer. He lives with his wife, Vicki, in San Luis Obispo where together they operate an editing service.

Marty Hanson-Roscoe

Marty Hanson-Roscoe, a life-long New Englander, attended local public schools and aspired to be a writer. Her first poetry was written in the fifth grade. Since that time she has written to her drawer. After years of a tragic, yet comedic life, she decided to write about some of her experiences, hence, “On Being Five.” She is working on a novel.

Brooke Hardy

Brooke Hardy is a senior at the University of West Florida in Pensacola, Florida. She is majoring in English and Psychology. She studied poetry and fiction under Reginald Shepherd.The SNReview is her first publication.

Laura Havice

Laura Havice resides in Northern Florida, somewhat close to the ocean, although not nearly close enough. Central Pennsylvania holds a corner of her heart and provides the skyline for a collection of short stories. Her work has appeared in Fiction Fix - North Florida's Literary Journal and The Osprey - Journal of Ideas and Inquiry. She also has received and University of North Florida's Fiction Award.

Aaron Hellem

Aaron Hellem attends the MFA Program at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. His works have most recently appeared in Facets Magazine, the Bitter Oleander, Antithesis Common, Indite Circle, and Projected Letters . Also, works of his are forthcoming in the Pisgah Review, Avatar Review, and the Gihon River Review.

Erich Hintze
Spring 2007

Erich Hintze has published in a variety of literary journals, serves as reader judge for the Washington DC Poetry Prize, and served as final judge for the Edgar Allen Poe Memorial. His poetry has been featured in the Joaquin Miller Cabin Poetry Services, IOTA, The Cosmos Club private event, the BET Soundstage, WordWorks Cafe Muse at Strathmore Hall, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library, and The Library of Congress Poetry at Noon Series among other places. Hintze lives in Washington, DC, with his wife Kristina and their two pets - Tinta the big moose pooch and Noe the one-eyed cat.

Lily Hoang

Lily Hoang is an MFA candidate at the University of Notre Dame. Her work has appeared in Square One, BlazeVOX, and Invisible Insurrection.

Samantha Hudson

Samantha Hudson will graduate with a degree in English from Oregon State University in spring 2005. “My Son's Blue Hair” is her first published work.

Rob Hunter

Rob Hunter resides in Pensacola, Florida, where he is oh-so-close to his B.A. in English Creative Writing. He attended his girlfriend's college graduation, co-adopted a new dog, and discovered the joys of pickled okra. He enjoys speaking in Suessian verse and pretending he's the Lorax. Ooh, and Asian films.

Mike Imondi

Mike Imondi is a writer/high school English teacher who lives on Long Island. He has been published in the NYSEC Newsletter for teachers of English. For a while, he had been focusing exclusively on fiction writing, completing a yet to be published novel, but now he has been experimenting with poetry and personal essays. SNReview is his first poetry publication.

Adam Irving

Adam Irving lives in Manchester, UK. He prefers to be known as 'Irving' “as my first name is far too religious for my liking.” He spent several years as a musician in various touring bands.
A collection of his poetry is entitled Coffee Shop Philosophy and is available from or from the publisher Mucusart.

Mohammad Shafiqul Islam

Mohammad Shafiqul Islam received his MA in English at the University of Chittagong in Bangladesh. He teaches at Metropolitan University, Sylhet, Bangladesh, as Lecturer in the Department of English. His work appears regularly in The Daily Star, the leading English newspaper in Bangladesh, as well as The Bangladesh Observer and the weekly magazine Dhaka Courier. He's the executive editor of The Newsletter, published tri-monthly by the Metropolitan University, and an editorial assistant for Metropolitan University Journal, a platform for the enthusiasts of research and scholarly writings, where his work has also appeared. He is also translating celebrated Bengali writings into English.

Suzanne Juergensen

Suzanne Juergensen received her B.A. Degree from San Francisco State University in 1995 and an M.F.A. from the University of Washington in 2005. Her work has appeared in The Henfield Prize Stories, Redbook and Room of One's Own. She's currently completing a collection of short fiction and working on a novel. She lives in Seattle.

Timothy Kane

Timothy Kane graduated from UCSD with a degree in writing and is currently pursuing his Masters in English. The poem “Honey Stuck” was previously printed in 1994 by Cafe Latte. He has published poems in The 5th Wall and articles for Verbatim and NuWitch.

Kathy J. Karlson

After serving in the Peace Corps in West Africa, Kathy J. Karlson received a Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Minnesota. She was awarded an NEA grant for fiction writing in 1998. Her stories have been published in Chiron Review Madison Review, Worldview, Calyx, and Stories With Grace, and have ones forthcoming in The McGuffin and 13th Warrior. My paintings are in
more than 30 private collections. She is a member of A Salon Studio in Takoma Park and am represented by Sharon Fine Gallery of Bethesda.

Aryan Kaganof

Aryan Kaganof drives a 1962 straight-six automatic Valiant 200. He shoots Glock 19. His most recent public performance was at Poetry Africa in Durban, October 2005. His most recent collection is entitled jou ma se poems (Pine Slopes Publications, ISBN 0-9584874—9-9) his most recent poetry film is giant steps (52min) broadcast in South Arica on SABC1 and is available for world sales
from Reflex Motion Pictures – His website address is

Margaret Karmazin

Margaret Karmazin's credits include short stories in North Atlantic Review,Virginia Adversaria, Weber Studies, Potato Eyes, Mobius, Reader¹s Break,Medicinal Purposes, Concho River Review, Aim Magazine, Emrys Journal, Chiron Review, West Wind Review, Anthology, Algonquin Roundtable Review, Futures, Carve Magazine, Bellowing Ark, Reflections and more. Her story in Eureka
Literary Magazine
was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Pipers' Ash Ltd. in England is publishing a chapbook of her sci-fi stories. Her fantasy novel, Bones, is available on She is also an artist with illustrations in SageWoman and A Summer's Reading.

Paul Kavanagh

Paul Kavanagh, born in England 1971 and happily married, has been published in Thieves Jargon, Underground Voices, Unlikely stories, Milk Magazine, Laurahird, Cellar Door, The Layabout, Skive Magazine, Mad Swirl, Zygote in my Coffee, The Lampshade, Girls with Insurance, zafusy Poetry Journal, and a few others.

Deborah Rochford-Kellerman

Deborah Rochford-Kellerman teaches chemistry, geology, biology and astronomy.This is her first piece tobe published.

Yolanda M. King

Yolanda M. King is a writer-slash-artist; from the time she learned the purpose of a pencil, she has been writing and illustrating her own stories. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and a Master of Arts degree in communication and multimedia. She lives in Saginaw, Michigan with her family where she is hard at work on several novels

Craig Kirchner

Works by Craig Kirchner have appeared in Subterranean Quarterly, Erosha, Divine Animal, The Blotter, Thunder Sandwich, 3AM Magazine, Poetry Sez, Dreamvirus, The Moonwort Review,
Adagio, Reading Divas, Ink Magazine, Skyline, Haiku Hut, Poetry Repair Shop,
and Wicked Alice.

Vanessa Kittle

Vanessa Kittle is an English composition professor. A former chef and lawyer, she now cooks and argues for fun. She published two collections of poetry in 2006: a chapbook called Apart and a full-length book called Surviving the Days of the Empire, both with The March Street Press. Her work has recently been in The New Renaissance, Nerve Cowboy, Limestone, Ibbetson Street, and Porcupine Literary Arts. Kittle also is the editor of Abramelin, the Journal of Poetry and Magick.

Laurence Klavan

Laurence Klavan is the author of the novels The Cutting Room and The Shooting Script, published during the past two years by Ballantine Books. He received the Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America for "Mrs. White," written under a pseudonym. His short story, "Hole in the Ground," was recently posted in FirstSecond Books will publish in 2008 and 2009, respectively, his graphic novels, Germantown and The Fielding Course, co-written with Susan Kim. He received two Drama Desk nominations for the book and lyrics to Bed and Sofa, the musical produced by the Vineyard Theater in New York. His one-act, The Summer Sublet, is included in Best American Short Plays 2000-2001.

Kristin Kronstain

Kristin Kronstain graduated from Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA, with a BA in history. Though Russian history is her primary area of interest, she also enjoys reading and writing
short stories. Her favorite writers include Lorrie Moore and Oscar Wilde. Currently, she works as the assistant to the executive pastor of Orchard Hill Church in Wexford, PA, but she has plans to
return to school for her master’s.

Kathryn Kurtz

Kathryn Kurtz teaches non-fiction in the Journalism Department at Ramapo College. Her book, Switchbacks: Ascending the Catskill Mountain High Peaks, is under review and a collection of essays on quantum mechanics and the paranormal is forthcoming. She has a Ph.D. in Creative Writing, Union University, and an MFA in Journalism, Goucher College.

Katheryn Krotzer Laborde
Summer 2007

Katheryn Krotzer Laborde is a writer of prose who teaches at Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans. Her writings -- fiction and non -- have appeared in Poets&Writers, Callaloo, Southern Gothic Online, Xavier Review, and is forthcoming in CrossRoads, South Central Review and the online literary salon Fresh Yarn. She is currently at work on a book for McFarland Press about the marked and messaged refrigerators found in New Orleans during the early days of Katrina recovery.

Steven Douglas Lavender

Steven Douglas Lavender has been published online in Word Riot and The Dead Mule School. He is currently in the MFA in Creative Writing Program at Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville. He was born in St. Louis and has lived in Des Moines, Denver, Wichita, Detroit, Chicago and Atlanta.

Talia Lavin
Summer 2007

Talia Lavin is also being published in the fall issue of Hanging Loose, #89. She is currently attending the Salanter Akiba of Riverdale High School, entering her senior year, and hopes to major in literature in college.

Catherine J.S. Lee

Catherine J.S. Lee's fiction has recently appeared or is forthcoming in juked, Cezanne's Carrot, ShatterColors Literary Review, Amarillo Bay, The Rose & Thorn, and The Binnacle.

Barbara F. Lefcowitz
Summer 2004
Spring 2005
Summer 2006
Spring 2007
Summer 2007

Barbara F. Lefcowitz has published nine poetry collections. Her latest collection, The Blue Train to America, appeared in January 2007.  Her fiction, poetry, and essays have been published in over 500 journals and she has won  writing fellowships and prizes from the National Endowment for the Arts, the National  Endowment for the Humanities, the Rockefeller Foundation, and several individual journals.

Marcy Lehtinen

Marcy Lehtinen has a master’s degree in creative writing from Eastern Michigan University. Her recent work has appeared in Barbaric Yawp, The Green Tricycle, The Griffin, The Horsethief’s Journal, The Paumanok Review, Thought Magazine and Unbound.

Stephen Leonard

Aumtumn 2005

Stephen Leonard, M.F.A., is an assistant professor of English at Gordon College. When not engaging students in conversations on creative writing, composition and rhetoric, and writing for broader media, he hones the physical skills of the Gordon cross-country and track & field athletes. He most recently published the short non-fiction piece “Swamp Skating as Durham Delights” appeared in Down East Magazine. Primarily working in fiction and news media, he has previously published poetry in small literary journals.

Scott Leslie

Scott Leslie hails from the Great White North. His "troubled little orphans" have been taken under the wing of several publications including Planet Magazine, All Hallows, Blue Murder Magazine, Writual, Crime Scene and Ascent Magazine. His noir story "A String Of Pearls" recently appeared in the audiobook Oscar's Hijack by Blackstone Audio.

Valerie Z. Lewis

Valerie Z. Lewis has a BS in English Education from New York University, an MFA in Writing from Goddard College, a diagnosis of Bipolar 1, and a low-wage job in a comic book store. Her stories have been published by The Pitkin Review, Torquere Press, and Fresh Boiled Peanuts.

Anthony Liccione

Anthony Liccione lives in Texas, but his heart resides in New York. He recently won Best New Poet of Year 2006 with Muses Review, and has also won the 2006 LizaBeth Poetry Award with Beautiful Nuance. His poetry has appeared in SNReview, Underground Voices, My Favorite Bullet, Plum Ruby Review, The Pittsburg Quarterly, Zygote In My Coffee, Bolts of Silk,and others.

Robert Lietz

Robert Lietz, a professor of English and Creative Writing (fiction and poetry)  at Ohio Northern University, has had published nearly 500 of poems in more than one hundred journals in the U.S. and Canada, including Agni Review, Carolina Quarterly, Epoch, The Georgia Review, The Missouri Review, The Northern American Review, The Ontario Review, Poetry, and Shenandoah.  Seven collections of poems have been published, including Running in Place (L’Epervier Press,). At Park and East Division ( L’Epervier Press,) The Lindbergh Half-century (L’Epervier Press,) The Inheritance (Sandhills Press,) and Storm Service (Basfal Books).  Basfal also published After Business in the West: New and Selected Poems . Additionally his poems have appeared in dozens of online journals. He has completed several print and hypertext (hypermedia) collections of poems for publication, including Character in the Works: Twentieth-Century Lives, West of Luna Pier, Spooking in the Ruins, Keeping Touch,  and Eating Asiago & Drinking Beer.

Jeff Lockwood
Poetry Spring 2005

Fiction Spring 2005
Poetry Winter 2006

The poetry of Jeff Lockwood has appeared in The FifthStreet Review (where he was a featured artist), Tiferet, A Journal of Spiritualu Literature, the Kennesaw Review, Tribal Fires Journal, Bitter Oleander Press (forthcoming), March Street Press (a book-length manuscript of poems and prose poems, forthcoming), SNReview (Summer 2004), and other creative and academic publications. He’s received numerous academic awards, including the Fulbright, and he's a Sequoyah Fellow. Lockwood makes his home in the Cabinet Mountains of Montana, but still calls his birthplace, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, home. This winter/spring he’ll spend some four months in Jamaica, where he plans to write one publishable poem. Lockwood is of Chippewa ancestry. He recently completed the MFA-Writing program at Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont. He is currently working as a university teacher in the Ukraine under the Peace Corps program.

Adrian C. Louis
Summer 2007

Adrian C. Louis is the author of ten previous volumes of poetry and two works of fiction including the novel Skins, which was filmed in 2002. An enrolled member of the Lovelock Paiute tribute and a native of Nevada, he taught for many years at Oglala Lakota College on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation of South Dakota. Since 1999 he has been an English professor in Minnesota State University system.

Mike Lubow

Mike Lubow’s short stories have appeared in national magazines, including Playboy. Within the last year, ten of Mike’s stories have been accepted for publication in American and European journals including The Barcelona Review, Roanoke Review, Confluence, Writer’s Muse (UK), Carve Magazine, The Best of Carve 2006 print anthology, 3711 Atlantic, Porcupine Literary Arts Magazine, First Intensity and The Blue Moon Review. Since 2004 Mike has has been writing a regular column called “Got A Minute?” for The Chicago Tribune’s Sunday editions. He has recently completed a novel, and is compiling a short story collection.

Angela Lungu

Angela Lungu is originally from Romania, presently residing in Reno,Nevada. She admires and enjoys the work of Paulo Coelho, Fred Hoyle, (Mistress) Anne Bradstreet and William Blake.