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Editor's Note



Three Poems
by Roger Singer

Who knows
the pain I feel?
The black area like a hat
firmly planted.
Who sees the untied laces
and scribbled images
and tears raining onto
penciled figures and
barking dogs?
Where are the hands
to hold the pieces
falling from me?
Retrieving the shreds
from my onion
skin soul.
Windy newspapers
welcome my style,
the way I crumple
and lift with the slightest
Where is the voice?
The one I shared with?
The comfort I so
desperately need.

Trees thick with leaves
spring a fullness of waxy colors,
empting itself of wind
as dusk absorbs day.
Sparrows seek shelter in secret places;
quiet wings avoid dangerous threats.
An early night dew dusts a white
picket fence.  The aroma of climbing roses
hides within pearl soft folds;
the marriage of sweetness.
Porch lights speak with distant stars.
wicker chairs wait for the appetite
of resting souls.
Night speaks with the chance
of being heard.

Summer Waiting
My skin failed with cold.
Half naked trees rustle
scattered tenacious leaves;
a gap toothed reminder
of winter approaching.
Damp sand sends a
crawling shiver up from
my cautious feet.
A sea gull circles in silence.
Small crystal waves collapse
in frothy lines.
I am drawn to the salve
of the oceans pull.
The aroma fills the
hallways of my thoughts.
I am alone, looking,
feeling the pulse of
Blue-green depths.
I am summer waiting.

Roger Singer, a chiropractor by trade, has published more than 575 poems. Hisf greatest love is jazz poetry.  Mr. Maita of JerryJazz.com has published over 125 jazz poems and Outlaw Poetry of Paris has published over 50 and CanterJazz of Minneapolis 25.  A few of the magazines who have published my free verse poetry are: Westward Quarterly, Black Book Press, Avocet, SP Quill, Indigo Rising, The Unrorean, Underground Voices, Language & Culture, SNReview and The Tipton Poetry Journal

Copyright 2011, Roger Singer. © This work is protected under the U.S. copyright laws. It may not be reproduced, reprinted, reused, or altered without the expressed written permission of the author.