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Love at the Precipice
by James Bellarosa
Alone with his wife Amy one Saturday afternoon, Larry Willis announced that he intended to end their fifteen-year marriage. He said that the demands and responsibilities of marriage were incompatible with the freer lifestyle he now longed for. ...


Did Her Not: Rain by a Mile-Wide River, with Thunder
by J E Boles
My Ma, she used to talk about the big old river during thunder storms, and how it looked, and all, before I came up here to Oregon State from Portland.  She had come from Tennessee to Portland, and right away, she gets a job in sweeping up, down at the hospital....


A World Apart,
by Tommy Dakar
Gene typed: We are alone. We are born alone, and we will die alone. Even after we make love we gradually disentangle, gently pulling away from each other: an arm, a leg, one last caress. Our final contact before we drift into sleep, alone....


Red Herring
by Paula Eglevsky
Three months after his wife died of breast cancer Daniel Logan sat in the front pew of St. Michael’s Church with a piercing hangover.  It was Easter.  His daughters wore strawberry-colored dresses with white sweaters and patent leather shoes.  He wore an identical colored pair of pants ...


Red Earth, Golden Sky
by Stephen Graf
Narrow slivers of light bounced off the wing of the plane and seeped through the cracks of the shade, gently awakening me.  Rubbing my eyes, I turned to look outside.  Morning's first golden rays had transformed the indistinct, gray mass beneath me into a rich, burnt red.

The Night Before the Party
by Nels Hanson
The fried chicken crackled in the pan. The candied honey in the coffee can melted quickly without burning. The water in the bucket burner I’d used to warm baby bottles began to boil for the corn. The spotless kitchen gleamed, the table set....


Anna B's Owner
by Judith Mercado
I hear your brother’s living on a boat in the Florida Keys.”
I stared at this childhood friend, in town for a short visit, who had no idea what he had just done. Finally, I heard myself say, “Really? Where in the Florida Keys?”...


Fourteen Years Old
by Stanley B. Trice
Donald began his only bonding experience with his Papa at supper on a cold Friday evening in early December. Mother and older sister Glenda heard Papa announce that fourteen year old Donald would go with him the next morning.
. ...

Creative Nonfiction

by Deborah S. Rochford
I am not sure how I found the tiny flower shop, still hidden away behind a closed-down theatre. The last time I was here I struggled to find the perfect boutonniere for my prom date. I chose a white rose surrounded by a sprig of Baby’s Breath all bound together with a silk ribbon of forest green

The History of Her Depression
by Mariana Romo-Carmona

Sit down. I have something to tell you.
Standing at the doorway of this story was a woman who opened the green frame of the farmhouse as though she had signaled the time for me to arrive, and for there to be a story at all...


Overtures on Odeas, Fanfares for Fiction, Paeans to Plays: A Brief Guide to Unperplex the Unpublished
by Bernard Werner
Now as any author worthy of his ego does not doubt but that his sentences verily coruscate with unimagined brilliance like gemstones cut from the mines of Golconda, and veins of the purest literary gold bedizen even unto their punctuation, he must indeed recoil …



Kyle Baudour:
Post Marxism and Post-Coital
It was fine now that it is the future
Lew Maybin's Arduous Task

Howie Good
What Was That Sound? She Asks

Gene McCormick:
Home Alone,
The Day the Earth Stood Still,
The Colors of Noise: Still Life

Joan McNerney:
Amazing how,
An Accountant,

J. Alan Nelson:
Science of Uncertainty,
Susan Nude,
Tom's First Year in the Dorm

Bob Nimmo:
Personality in Parenthesis,
Tripping with Coleridge

Garth Pavell:
Her Pet Mouse,
April 20, 2010,
Just Then

Rob Plath:
Once Far From the Finishing Line,
Unglittery Mute Innards,
Cuffed To Your Own Muscle

Linda Leedy Schneider:
First Snow,
Rain Washes,
Things to Discard

Ken Seide:
Moon to the Moon,
Love Poem #1

Robert Blake Truscott:
Postcard From North Street, Fowey  12/25/1925;
Arriving in AmericaSteerage, Steiglitz, page. 47;
The Window

Laura Madeline Wiseman
When Lilacs Bloomed: An Elegy1892


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