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Editor's Note



Two Poems

by Nabin Kumar Chhetri


There is emptiness, my uncle says,
in the house where he lives.
It grows in darkness, feeding on silence.
Dreams of strange places,
come home every night.
Not only the house, the room,
where he sleeps,
breathes loneliness.
The window looks to the field,
like a solitary monk.
And then the heart,
that carries a train of memories,
of those years, left behind.
It is there, right there,
where it pains the most. 

Morning Drive

Driving in the quiet hours of the morning,
The mist on my window, untouched.
The air outside moistened by rain.
Vapours rising like a million unseen wings.
Houses appear like strangers,
At places where the road bends.
I open the window, the cold stings.
The air smells of wood-smoke.
The forest down the lane is quiet.
Absence between one car and the other,
Long and well defined.
Her face keeps returning like a force,
Filling me with urges and sadness.

Last year when she left,
The same longing filled my heart.
I remember how, little by little, I gathered myself.

I wait for the small moment
that happens in the passing
of people, places and things.


Nabin Kumar Chhetri, a Nepalese poet and a member of Scottish PEN, graduated with a degree of M.Litt in Novel from the University of Aberdeen. He has been awarded from Italy, Israel and Nepal for his poems. He has recently won a special mention for his poem ‘Memory’ from Nosside International Poetry prize, Italy. His anthology ' Zero Passion ' ( ISBN No. 8186056238 ) published by writers Forum, India has been catalogued in the National Library, Minister of Culture, India. His poetry has been published in Poetry Scotland (UK), Apple Valley Review(Canada), Forge Journal (UK), Weyfarers(UK), Ricepaper Magazine(Canada), Penny Dreadful(USA), The Sun(India), Nosside Poetry Anthology 2010(Italy), Quest(India), Spinny Babbler(Nepal), Mawaheb( Canada), Poetry Quarterly(China), Fade Poetry Journal. ( UK), Cynic magazine, New York ( US), Tower Journal(US), Poetic Justice - Amnesty International Anthology( Scotland), Featured Poet of the week in Poetry Super Highway(US), Taj Mahal Review( India), Revival ( Ireland), Reverie Poetry Journal (US), Sixers Review(US), The Essence(UK), The Kathmandu Post(Nepal), Red Ochre Lit Journal (US) and Nosside Poetry Anthology 2011(Italy), Dupage Valley Review(US), Verse Wisconsin(US), Benedictine University’s Press (US) and Birds Eye Review(US). 

Copyright 2012 Nabin Kumar Chhetri. © This work is protected under the U.S. copyright laws. It may not be reproduced, reprinted, reused, or altered without the expressed written permission of the author.