SNReview Winter Issue 2004 ISSN: 1527-344X

Beautiful Ambivalence by Ace Boggess
I sold my first piece at twenty, still a junior in college. If anything could’ve ripped through my beautiful ambivalence, tearing it apart seam by seam and sigh by sigh, it was that first sale...

Digger by Frank Haberle
Just before practice, coach lost it on Booch. I was standing at center ice, smacking lappers against the box. The pucks cracked when they hit the boards....

My Year with a Wise Guy by Margaret Karmazin
Understand my background first. Methodist middle-class with all that entails. Dancing and cards frowned upon by the grandparents but tolerated by the parents...

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Shadowboxing by Scott Leslie
In the last ten minutes, Garry had seen a number of cars zoom by. But his mind was still in neutral. He stared at the paperback one more time, each word bleeding into the next and closed it up...

The Stripping of Karl Klein by Laurence C. Schwartz
Karl Klein was the brightest promise Boston University's School of Theatre Arts had seen in a generation. He had it all; the profile, square jaw, broad shoulders hugged...

The Roller Skating Lobbyists by William Matthew McCarter
Gram had to go back to work at the shoe factory Monday morning. Before she left, she told us that she had a union meeting after work so she wouldn’t be home for supper. ...

A Ride in the Country with Friends by Pam Mosher
Becky and Joe were the first to arrive. It was still dark, but the sky, split at the horizon, bled a slow, orange light over the fields and endless country roads. Joe pulled...

Home by Jennifer Robinson
On my wedding day, I wore all black because we were only getting married at the courthouse and besides, pregnant women can't wear white. No one was there except Dan and I...

Indulgence by Donna D. Vitucci
Girlhood catechism and her father’s tyranny taught Vivian to genuflect, to bend her opinion to a greater will. She buckled. She deferred. She called it “making nice.”

Measuring Once, Cutting Twice by Deidre Woollard
When Chris calls, I can't wait to tell her the word I've invented. "Scissorfucked," I say, shouting into my cell phone as I turn a corner in my aging Mazda....

Aunt Bobbie Is My Favorite on My Dad's Side, a poem by Shane Allison

Two Poems by Amberlee Cater

Three Poems by Timothy Kane

Three Poems by Michelle McGrane

Three Poems by Corey Mesler

Three Poems by Kenneth Pobo

Three Poems by Cati Porter

Three Poems by Ravie Shankar Rajan

Three Poems by Kelley White

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At Your Service by Carrie Bennett
Despite the daytime hours the cafe was as gloomy as ever inside, even on such a bright morning. It was my first time working the day-waitress position...

Editor's Note

Bootlegged Nana by Toni Clark
I wanted a fire that cold morning after my 32-year old stepdaughter Kathryn had her baby. The snow came to my knees as I made new tracks across our backyard...


Images of Each Other by David Schwartz
I'm sorry to say I don't recall the name of the artist, but I this past summer I went to an evangelical convention as the guest of a friend and saw a magnificent painting.....


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