SNReview Autumn/Winter 2005 Issue

Keeping Track by D.E. Fredd
This might be hard to follow.  I use three by five cards or a loose leaf binder.  I’ll begin with Syrie Nathan, my birth mother....

Lip Service by Emily Bevan
The first bad sign was that he didn't look happy to see her. He opened the door shirtless, in a faded pair of Wranglers and socks. He glared at her without speaking. His bloodshot eyes ...

Squeal by Tom Deiker
Crumbling bricks set long ago in a cruciform pattern, mazed by moss, tonight blown slippery cold by dank air fleeing the sky's roiling clouds. Three men crowd around a stone fire pit....

Johnny Igoe, Spellbinder Remembered by Tom Sheehan
My Grandfather Johnny Igoe was a little Irish man. He stood a mere five foot-six, but was a giant to me when his poetic voice rolled across the lamp-lit porch floor. He always wore a felt hat...

It's Just by Matt Smith
He shuffles across the lawn.  His fists cram into his pockets and his wet sandals toe the doormat.  It’s cold for March.  He presses the doorbell.  He waits.  No one comes.  He presses the doorbell ...

Two Poems by Gerald Bosacker

Photographs by Isabelle Ghaneh

Three Poems by Erich Hintze

Three Poems by Stephen Leonard

Three Poems by J.B. Mulligan

Three Poems by John J. Mundt

Poems by Charles Ries

Three Poems by Alan Semerdjian


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