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Editor's Note


SNR's Writers


A Time for Roses

Touching them, you sense
that beauty within you shall
also someday bloom.


your tears
are only water.

As If I Am Your Dream

Here, in the warm white fog,
our smiles contain miracles
which only an ancient love
could ever manifest.
The edges of shadow harden.
Time fills with tears.
My blood turns to wine.
Let us surrender
the sky we stole
from the gods.

The Shadow Tree

Hush.  The twilight hour, the fall of day.
Watch.  The garden fills
with dark veils.
Listen.  Silence is standing
in the onyx light.
Wait.  The earth now
masked, the moon awakens.

Copyright 2009, David Kowalczyk. © This work is protected under the U.S. copyright laws. It may not be reproduced, reprinted, reused, or altered without the expressed written permission of the author.

David Kowalczyk of Oakfield, New York, has a M.A. in Creative Writing from SUNY/Brockport and a B.A. in English Education from SUNY/Buffalo.  He has taught ESL in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala and Changwon, South Korea, and English Composition at Arizona State University and Genesee Community College, Batavia, New York.  His poetry and fiction have appeared in seven anthologies, including Bless Me Father:  Stories of Catholic Childhood (Plume, 1994) and in over seventy print and online literary journals, including St. Ann's Review, Taj Mahal Review, Istanbul Literary Review, and California Quarterly, as well as in the First Sunday Poetry Page of The Buffalo News.  He was founding editor of the late Gentle Strength Quarterly.