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Volume 9 Issue 1 ● ISSN: 1527-344X

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The Heir by Andrew Coburn
This goes back some.  Nixon was still president but soon to resign, and my world was going into the ground.  Without wanting to, dreading it, I picked up pen and paper, a stamp already on the envelope.

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Truth the Striptease by Jeff Crouch
After feeling bad for having diminished the achievement of David Strauss with his attack on Das Leben Jesu, Fritz finds himself at his favorite bordello, The Chicken Ranch.
The PA system broadcasts...
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Dutch Treatment by D.E. Fredd
I am the one pushing for Gretchen Batchelder to be part of our team.  We are at the Sunset Grill on Brighton Ave. in Boston (one hundred beers on tap, over three hundred bottled brews).  The discussion involves the expansion of our Megaprobe market
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Heroin and Bread for Frances by Rebecca Gaffron
My name is Frances. Frances Bean. My father died when I was very young. No one knows for sure what happened to him. They just found his body.
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These Notes Are Personal by Mitchell Grabois
but you don't have to tell me how to eat it Yes it might seem annoying how I pick off the chocolate crust to expose...
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To Get Gifts Like These by Erich Hintze
Mom opened Johnny Mathis with her teeth, threw a dollop of butter at beets, and let her lamb run under water. She picked and peeled her oranges, boiled them in cinnamon, and the house soon smelled like hot-spiced cider.
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Terror by Yolanda King
Rebecca went downstairs and out the back door. Then she walked across the lawn until the grass turned to sand. She took off her sandals and carried them so she wouldn’t get sand in them. He was still there...
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The Spiff by Mike Lubow
Norm’s in front of the TV with the remote on his chest, a bowl of nacho chips nearby and a rum and Diet Coke in his hand in a tall glass with clinking ice. He wants nothing more than some mindless escape when for no earthly reason he finds himself thinking of a leaf dropping.
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The Rules of the Road by Michelle Panik
If a new set of bike wheels didn’t take two months to fabricate, Jeannie would have rammed the Ford F-150. The truck had cut her off with a left-hand turn—in a construction zone, no less—then puttered along below the posted limit.
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In Pursuit of the Well-Beloved by Lydia Williams
Once again, Don was reciting poetry under his breath, and I tried to make out what he was saying as I drove.  I heard him say, “Ach, du,” which sounded like a foreign sneeze and couldn’t have been from anything optimistic...

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Duty by Sabreena Ahmed
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Three Poems by Robert Bradshaw
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The Good Knight, The Senators, Blue Eyes

Three Poems by Taylor Collier
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The Dress You Cried “Amazing Grace” Into, Easter Sunday, The Joneses'

Meat and Potatoes by Nora Delaney
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Two Poems by Richard Estevez
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Fortune and Tea Served

Two Poems by Antonio Hopson
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Hope and That Burning Bush I Saw

Three Poems by Timothy Houghton
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Percentages, Now It's Time, Fourth Floor: Two Firemen After the Collapse

Three Poems by Kelley Reno Miller
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Putumayo, Symbiosis, Telephones

Four Poems by Suzanne Nielsen
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Translocation, Timing is Everything, Saturday on Snelling, Sensing the Environment

Four Poems by Dike Okoro
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Awake, Thinking of You, And so it rained, Some things to remember

Two Poems by Adam Pellegrini
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Dawn, Nothing Like Toil

Two Poems by Rob Plath
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the edge, once just to see her

Father, My Golem by Robert Gable Potts
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Three Poems by Christian Recca
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From a Whiff of Patchouli, Remains, The Crack-Up

Three Poems by Eve Rifkah
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Museum, Straws, School

Three Poems by Brad Stiles
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Personal Doomsday Clock, Day Like Living Vellum, Arrogance of the Ordinary

Three Poems by Changming Yuan
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My Crow, Directory of Directions, Night Quiet

(Creative Non-Fiction)

Ladybugs by Bethany Burmaster
Look! There are hundreds over here!” I cried.
Alex smiled and ran over, pushing the red plastic wheelbarrow in front of him. He sat down by the tree and gazed around the trunk. “Wow! There must be a zillion of them!” he yelled.

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Homes by Michelle Cacho-Negrete
My first home was a tenement apartment in Brooklyn. The landlord hated Jews and my mother and I took possession of it after midnight. The previous tenants, my mother’s co-worker and her husband, bought a home in Levittown ...
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A Secret Passage to India by Barbara F. Lefcowitz
The worst thing was that the Air India clerk in Chennai accused me of making up my claim that I had personally presented my now missing suitcase at the check-in counter in Bombay, tags clearly marked, including the crucial destination tag to Chennai ...
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How Long? by Jarvis Slacks
My Mother.
"We want to go someplace fun!" she says to me. She is visiting. I live in a three room and bath, one bedroom, male, this is my place, my place. And she wants to visit.

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