SNReview Summer 2005

ISSN: 1527-344X Volume 7 Issue 3

The Pear Tree by Laura Havice
Light filters through the leaves, refracting in the rain and curving around the limbs laden with pears. She walks between the windows, pulling the sheer panels with her, occasionally checking the driveway

Grandma's Book of Death by Stephen Douglas Lavender
On the bus ride from St. Louis to Sikeston to visit his grandparents, thirteen-year-old Ardell Beaton sat alone because his mother was on her honeymoon. If she had been there, she would have been working...

Surfers Rule by Kevin McAleer
You didn't know I was a surfer? Well, I'm not. Never was. That there? Sure, it used to be a surfboard, but now it's a coffee table. Built it into one when I was just a kid...

Proust's Moustache by Forrest Roth
My brother and I often debated whether dad would shave his moustache off or not, just so once we could see if his sophistication remained intact without it. ...

The Recruit by James Starks
I asked myself if this is really the fraternity Rick wants to join.  I should be taking my son to look at college campuses, not visiting veterans’ convalescent homes.

Romance by Ginger Walker
Michael vomited at dinner again. It was horrible to see him like that, so repulsive and pitiful. The sound and smell of it made cold wet hands slap at my spine, the false-jocular kind of slap you feel through to your chest....

Vancouver Dreams by Frank Zafiro
“You play Junior?” he asked me. He meant Major Junior, I knew, even though there are several tiers of Junior hockey—Junior A, Junior B and so forth. It didn’t matter, though. I hadn’t played at any level....

Shit Cricket by CL Bledsoe

Three Poems by Edward Carvalho

Two Poems by Jennifer Crivlare

Poems of Autumn by Rita Faulkner

M.B., a poem by John Mundt

Five Poems by Biljana D. Obradovic

Three Poems by Larry Pontius

Four Poems by Laura Stamps

Futurism by Teri Weefur

Three Poems by Kelly Jean White, M.D.

Terror in the Sky by Kelli Wadeyka
Boeing 767’s are also known as “The Queen of the North Atlantic” because it flies the most over the Atlantic Ocean.
As I am on the phone with him, I hear the fear in his voice. A once strong person, who shows no weaknesses is now afraid. My father...


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