SNReview Fall 2005

ISSN: 1527-344X Volume 7 Issue 3

The House of Quadra by Tracey Franks
Our fishing boat cuts through the cold, deep waters of the Discovery Passage like a comb parting thick, luxurious hair.  Craggy cliffs, dotted with centuries-old pine trees, surround us rising tall from the water ...

How Many Miles to Bablyon by Nels Hanson
I can’t tolerate the whiteness of snow.
I can’t look at my face in the mirror. I’ve grown a beard so I don’t have to shave, and fewer friends and strangers recognize me.

The Burning by Suzanne Juergensen
It’s that moment of the fire’s spreading, the sheer speed of it that I remember most clearly, watching from the crest of a hill that stretched up from the drive where the fire struck, and I was able to do nothing. It moved so eerily along a straight line...

Four Weeks by Katheryn Krotzer Laborde
Tú Bob Huong drove and drove, thinking life would be easier in a place they call the Big Easy, a place where musicians could live on the cheap and find a gig any night of the week if they wanted, and he wanted. So he drove till he came to the place where...

The Lament of the Bookstore Owner by Corey Mesler
I own one of the country’s oldest bookstores.  History sits on my head like a leopard-skin pillbox hat. Sometimes in the middle of the night

A Madness of Blackbirds by Lynnet Ngulube
They didn't know how long she'd be gone this time but whenever she was away the air was lighter and easier to breathe. The son and the father both knew it. The boy, Chamu, sauntered into his parents' bedroom the Sunday morning before his mother returned...

Landscaping by Roger Pincus
Bob Hansen first noticed the tree when he and his wife Janet, together with their real estate agent, visited the house on a bright day in June....

Gerald's Puzzle by Stephen Vollmer
Gerald gave himself twenty-four hours to do the jigsaw puzzle.  He rose at 6AM, brewed coffee, went into his den, and spilled the thousand pieces on to a four-by- four section of cardboard...

Mother's Day by Robert W. Witt
I remember a time when I first began to perceive the underlying melancholy of the spring, a presence not quite hidden in the perfume of the flowers, the warmth of the sun, and the color of even the most perfect blue-green day.

Five Poems by Harry Brown

Three Poems by Mike Imondi

Three Poems by Aryan Kaganof

Two Poems by Stephen Leonard

Three Poems by Adrian Louis

Three Poems by Seth Michelson

Three Poems by Steven Ray Smith

Three Poems by Jessamyn Smyth

Five Eclectic Pieces by Kelley Jean White

Home by Barbara Burkhardt
So Long, See You Tomorrow was my introduction to William Maxwell. I read the novel outdoors on a warm September day in Springfield, Illinois. The narrator spoke with a striking simplicity, a combination of empathy and intellect...


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