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Try Harder


Try harder to make me believe

That you aren’t on my side.

Tell me again that you hope I find happiness,

Implying that it can be found

Without you.


Tell me again that we connected

On some ethereal plane,

Souls colliding,

But that it’s to serve a different purpose

Than to bind us to each other.


Tell me again how much you like the

Status quo.


And how I should, too.




To My Former Future Lover


I slept with you again last night.

As usual,

You were fabulous.


The dreamy whisper

As the scent of my hair

Danced playfully across my pillow

And into your nose

Started it all.


Then I felt the bristles

Of what I imagine was your

Day-old beard

Tickle my throat –

Each one an ambassador.


The best part was your hands.

I’m partial to strong, calloused fingers

And palms as wide as the back of my head.

I gave those to you as a gift to myself,

So as you press me to you

I know I’m protected.


Back when you were an actual

Future lover, one that might find the scent

Of my smoky hair distasteful

Or the warmth of my neck suffocating,

The pressure was more than

I could bear.


Now I summon you whenever I want,

Never reigning in my expectations of you

To avoid tainting reality.

This way, you’ll never let me down.


By the way,

I’m free again tonight.






Look at the towering aspens

On this frigid December day.

Their frosty tops, like the heads of

A whole colony of ancient royalty,

Are gray and fuzzy like

Self-inflicted permanent waves

Gone mad.


Yet they still seem regal in their

Sameness and their



But now, the low-skied morning sun

That was causing curly twigs

To glow as if with silver crowns

Has instigated a grand melt.


Even as we watch, the crystals that

Decorated them and

Named them as

Kings and Queens

Have begun to weep

And seep down their limbs.


Eyes made wise by years of reigning

Stare from trunks

Refusing to blink the tears

Out of their lashes.


Instead they let the fresh new water

Run down each wrinkle and crack

Toward its loam-blanketed destination.



With each liquid offering

Poured on throne steps,

Renewed strength to

Rule another season or two

Comes alive.

Copyright 2008, Jenni Lorsung. © This work is protected under the U.S. copyright laws. It may not be reproduced, reprinted, reused, or altered without the expressed written permission of the author.

Jenni Lorsung has a BA in Creative Writing from DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana.  Currently, she is a member of and participant in the Loft Literary Center's writing programs in Minneapolis, MN.  Publication credits include an article entitled, "First Timer Frenzy" in the March 2008 issue of Lacrosse Magazine.  The poem, "Ten Watches" was also included in the Dakota County 2008 Poetry Contest compilation.  Jenni formerly taught middle school English, but is now a writer living in Apple Valley, Minnesota.